Wood Components

Changing for the better

Nickell Moulding Co. shows that a switch to water-based finishes helps more than just the environment.

Motorcycle contract revs up business

A partnership with Harley-Davidson Motor Co. helped this Michigan store fixture manufacturer zoom into a new market.

Bamboo: Is it a substitute for wood?

Evaluating the characteristics of bamboo

Component maker handles smaller orders efficiently

Contract chair and component manufacturer uses CNC router in a new way to stay competitive.

Just-in-time component outsourcing

More manufacturers developing strategic partnerships.

Building curved doors

For Saint-Georges Doors, adding curved cabinet doors to its product line also meant purchasing new CNC machinery and improving the workflow.

Gluing it the right way: Thick glue lines

Q: We are edge gluing several strips together into a panel. Occasionally we have a joint failure and when I look at the broken joint, I see plenty of glue, but it just didn't hold together well. There is no wood failure. Can you tell what is going on?

Moulder output

How can I increase my moulder output?

Kiln-dried vs. air-dried lumber

Q: What is the difference between kiln-dried lumber dried to 7 percent MC and air-dried lumber that is allowed to dry to 7 percent in a shop or in storage?

Plywood delamination

Q: We have been experiencing some delamination of our plywood. We have recently switched to a new source of supply. With the rejects we are getting, any price savings is gone. Why does delam occur?